23rd April 2020 • 13:00 - 19:30 CET


by chatterbug

An all-day virtual conference
about learning languages online!


Steve Kaufmann
Internet polyglot/founder of LingQ
Steve Kaufmann is an award-winning language blogger, YouTuber (Lingosteve), author and co-founder of the language learning app and platform LingQ.
Michael Shangkuan
CEO Lingoda
Mike is an EdTech entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and polyglot, speaking six languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.
Geoff Stead
CPO Babbel
Geoff is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Babbel, leading the digital learning experience for millions of language learners.
Scott Chacon
CEO / Co-Founder Chatterbug
Scott Chacon, Chatterbug CEO and co-founder, is a software developer, entrepreneur, and aspiring polyglot. Scott co-founded GitHub in 2008 before turning to starting his own language learning company in 2016.
Jennifer Dorman
Senior Instructional Designer at Babbel
Jennifer is an Instructional Designer at Babbel, with advanced academic background in empirical and theoretical linguistics, as well as education.
Tobias Dickmeis
CPO / Co-Founder Tandem
Tobias is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the language exchange community Tandem, based in Berlin/Germany.
Lýdia Machová
Founder of Language Mentoring and Polyglot
Lýdia is a polyglot, language mentor, and founder of Language Mentoring whose mission in life is to help people learn languages in fun and effective ways.
Mark Pentleton
Founder of Coffee Break Languages
Mark is the founder of Coffee Break Languages and the award-winning creator of some of the most popular education podcasts ever produced.
Marija Dobrovolska
CEO and founder of Deutsch mit Marija
Marija is an Edutuber teaching German on Youtube. She also runs a matching online language school that focuses on exams like telc and Goethe for levels B2, C1 and C2.
Over the course of one day we will virtually bring together language enthusiasts from all around the world to learn about the world of online language learning

We will be joined “on stage” by executives from both large and small online language learning companies, internet polyglots, linguists, and more! They will offer you insights on learning languages online, share their stories, and give you tips and tricks for your own language learning journey. We hope you can join us for the very first virtual online language learning conference, Chatterconf!

All ticket proceeds will be donated to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Workshops & Presentations

Jennifer Dorman
Jennifer Dorman
What Billy can teach us about online language learning
You may question what Ikea’s most popular product, Billy bookshelves, has to do with language learning. This talk will explore the intersection of learning science and behavioural science – investigating some of the most prevalent cognitive biases, such as the Ikea Effect, that not only affect us as language learners, but also impact how we design digital learning experiences.
Lýdia Machová
Lýdia Machová
Language Mentoring
Too many apps to choose from! How to pick the best learning tools to get you to your goal
Have you tried several language learning apps and never stuck with them long enough to actually feel real progress? Do you feel frustrated with all the possibilities to learn your language online and don't know where to start? In her talk, Lýdia will give practical tips for all who feel a bit lost in the world of online language learning resources and she'll also share, how to get to a level where you can just maintain a language without the need to keep learning it forever.
Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon
You’re Not Bad at Learning a New Language
Why is it that you can spend hours and hours learning a second language, and still not be a very good conversationalist? In this talk, Scott present you with some basic linguistic theory and studies on conversation practice in second language learning to see how people end up in this situation (and what you can do to avoid it).
Steve Kaufmann
Steve Kaufmann
Learning Languages at Home
We learn languages in our brains, not in classrooms or books. We have our brains at home with us under lock-down. What are the best ways to take advantage of this period to make a breakthrough in one or more languages? Something positive we can take with us when this is all over.
Tobias Dickmeis
Tobias Dickmeis
The Potentials and Pitfalls of Language Exchange
In a language exchange, two partners meet to help each other learn their native languages. Thanks to websites and mobile apps like Tandem it's never been easier to find a language exchange partner and meet online over a video chat. Based on data from 10 million learners in the Tandem community worldwide, Tobias will talk about the factors that make a language exchange successful, and give practical tips on how to find a partner and make the most out of a language exchange.
23rd April 2020
An all-day virtual conference about learning languages online!